Is a secondhand bus a valid alternative?

The municipality (WMO) pays the specific adjustments made to the bus to take Tim and his wheelchair with us. The costs for adjustments are estimated to 10,000 to 15,000 euros! However, the municipality requires that the economic life of the wheelchair bus must be at least 7 years. So, if you want to buy a second-hand bus, it must be a fairly new bus. How about the maintenance and reliability of a second-hand bus? And are there any buses that are suitable for us as a family and our specific requirements?

Maintenance costs
Maintenance are normally higher with a second-hand bus than with a new bus. With a brand new bus you can certainly do 15 years. A second-hand bus must last at least 7. Every year during the MOT inspection you will have much more maintenance costs because it is an older bus. With a new bus you have almost no maintenance during the first few years.

A second-hand bus has a lower reliability. With a used car you have a higher risk of a breakdown. We don’t want to think about that. Replacement transport is impossible with Tim. You will never get a replacement bus or that you can be towed away with the possibility to take a wheelchair with you is nil. In such case, we should leave Tim behind. Not a change.

One of the most important arguments is that we can configure a new bus according to our own wishes and specific requirements. With a second-hand model, the availability of a car that meets our wishes and is suitable for our family and for Tim is low. For example, find a bus with sliding doors on both sides of the bus. And then also with windows, preferably tinted windows, in the second row. And then in the second row only passenger seats, but not a double cabin. We do not need a double cabin, but two seats in the second row that stand apart, so that Tim’s wheelchair can be placed in the middle. Tim is driven from the back of the bus with his wheelchair just between the two passenger seats. Delivery vans usually have one sliding door and no windows.

Delivery vans are mainly used in construction. These vans are built to carry heavy materials. The suspension is adjusted accordingly. What about the suspension with a second-hand model?

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