Why do we need wheelchair bus?

Little children grow up. Children in a wheelchair grow up as well. Tim requires a large wheelchair. His current wheelchair still fits in our car, the Renault Grand-Scenic. Getting his wheelchair, walking support device and the Lennard his baby stroller is a big puzzle. But his walking support device and wheelchair are soon to be replaced by larger models before the end of this schoolyear. It is a matter of requesting the large models. However, the process comes with a lot of hassle, forms and administration. It normally takes takes months. But once we have that large wheelchair and walking support device… they won’t fit in our car.

Tim his world will become narrow

A day trip without his walking supporting device is not an option. It will mean that Tim can only sit that day. But he needs his daily movement. A large wheelchair and his large walking support device can no longer together in our current car. Since the large wheelchair is much higher than his current version, it will not fit in our trunk at all. Also, the large wheelchair becomes too heavy to be carried into the car. Each time we take Tim with us, the wheelchair must be lifted in and out the car; a huge load for that person. Currently Tim, sits in a special outward-swiveling car seat. There will be a time when Tim no longer fits in this special car seat.

Above, you can see how we lift Tim in the car at the moment. It is a huge burden for the person who lifts him. In almost all occasions, it is Hein who lifts Tim in the car. Lifting becomes too heavy for Jessica. Occasionally, she lifts him. Especially, when he crosses his body, due to his spasm or planks like a board, it is very difficult to get him in the car seat. When Tim crosses his legs and body, he doesn’t like to be pushed into his car seat. He does not like the spasm himself, because he cannot help it. On the photos above, he is quite relaxed, fortunately.

In addition, lifting Tim and his supporting devices into the car is a lot of hassle. Unfortunately, it is not like normal situations: you put your children in their children’s chair and you drive away. The whole process of getting him and his supporting tools in the car costs a lot of time. Sometimes it happens that we have paid in a parking garage and we have doubts whether the barrier will open, since it took us such a log tie to get everybody in. Normally, you only have a short time to drive out 15 or 20 minutes, not more.

We realize that is will no longer feasible for us to get all supporting device in the car and we are not able to lift them anymore. That will mean that Tim can no longer join us travelling with the car! Tim’s world then becomes very small.
In the new wheelchair bus, Tim can remain seated in his wheelchair. Simply open the doors, elevator up and drive Tim in his wheelchair to his place in the wheelchair bus.

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