Hein and Jessica are an ordinary family. They have been living in the center of The Netherlands for more than 12 years. They were married in 2010 for the law and church. They have three children. Tim, the eldest son, is almost 7 years old. Willemijn is 4 years old and Lennard was born on December 6, 2018.

Accepting help is very difficult. But doing it together feels so good!

In the preceding years, they renovated the house themselves. Slowly they became more involved with the village and the church. Jessica has been singing in the church choir for years and is chairman of the church mission working group (MOV) that organizes several events to collect money for foreign charity initiatives. Hein was part of the local church board for a number of years and now runs the Rock Solid and Solid Friends youth program with a couple of volunteers. They organize an educational and fun program every two weeks for teenagers with a great deal of depth about their faith and what is on their minds. They are very successful in this. For a number of years there has been a number of growing teens joining there program.

Without all these persons, we couldn’t survive this though period

Because of Jessica’s difficult pregnancies and the severe care for Tim, they discovered that asking for help and accepting it is very difficult. And still, there are so many people who helped them. People who came by to ask how things are going, came over to vacuum, clean, frequently drive Jessica to the hospital for checks and help tidy up the garden. People who brought fully prepared diner that simply needed to be warmed up, came to fold the laundry or helped by make a walk with Tim and brought a bread and milk. People who supported us by taking care of Tim and Willemijn, so that Hein and Jessica have one of those unique moment to spent together. So many great persons! Without all these persons, they didn’t survive this though period. They are so grateful and cannot be expressed in words!

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