What kind of a bus?

There are so many brands and models. Which brand and model shall we chose? There are so many options. But what is important to us? The car must have height enough to stand. But with more height, parking in a parking garage will not no longer possible. There must be a second row of seats behind the front row, on both sides one chair. Here the children will sit, with an empty space in the middle where Tim’s wheelchair will be placed. However, this should not be a double cabin, because Tim must reach his spot from the back of the bus. The wheelchair lift will be placed at the rear of the bus.

Different lengths and heights
Buses comes in different lengths, often four lengths (L). Which length is suitable for our situation? The bus shouldn’t be to long as parking becomes challenging and more cost are involved. On the other side, the bus shouldn’t be to short, as all supporting devices, luggage, ourselves and children should fit the car. Besides, the bus should must be suitable for making all adjustments. Finally, the bus be equiped with front-wheel-drive or back-wheel-drive.

Also, there several heights available (H) . The bus must be high enough to stand, to prevent pain in your back . On the other side, the bus must be as low as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to park your car in parking garages or pass under overpasses.
As an example: the maximum height of the Utrecht academic hospital parking garage is 1.80 meter, the maximum height of the Leiden academic hospital paring garage is 2 meter. The maximum height of parking garages in Utrecht is normally 1.90 meter. The height of a wheelchair bus can easily be 2.50 meter.

Also, you have to think a few years ahead. Tim will have a much larger wheelchair in 5 years. Maybe, he will require an electric wheelchair or a much larger walking support device.

We want to sort this out properly, request quotes and compare. Of course, we want to make test drives. Suspension is also important. Because buses are primarily made as lorries to transport heavy items and tools and not as passenger transport. You do not want your three children in the back to bounce back and forth due to a stiff suspension or, on the contrary, to be nauseated by the bumps .

Brand and model
Busses, or rather delivery vans, come in all shapes and sizes, but what brand and model meets our requirements?

  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Opel Movano
  • Renault Master
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Ford Transit
  • Peugot Boxer
  • Mercedes Sprinter

You don’t just choose a bus. A lot of money is involved. So, there is still a lot of homework to do. Many choices, sizes, models and prices. At this stage, we do not yet know which bus, brand and model. I will keep you informed of the next steps.

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