Tim have suffered from brain damage. With 20 kilos, he becomes too heavy to lift several times a day. His mother, Jessica, has pelvic instability and can’t lift Tim anymore. Hein, father of Tim, has a 40-hour working week and works many days from home to take care of his family and to lift Tim.

They have converted their garage into an adapted bedroom-playroom with adapted bathroom. Both suitable for Tim his current small wheelchair, and future large or electric wheelchair. In addition, they have adjusted the garden for Tim his wheelchair or walking device.

They have postponed it for a long time. Small children grow up, even small children in a wheelchair. Tim’s supporting devices no longer fit in the car and Tim becomes too heavy to lift into the car. Tim needs a wheelchair bus. Costs: more than 40,000 euros and they don’t have that. They have to start from scratch. A very difficult journey lies ahead of them, but they know that they will succeed. It has to.

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